The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape #21

A few weeks just disappeared there. It felt like I pressed fast forward on life and got absolutely nothing done in February. Up until about a minute ago, I was sat in the house watching an episode of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, a habit that’s formed lately. I’ve never watched that before now. What am I at?

Getting back on the horse, here is episode twenty one of The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown. Let’s get lost in good music again – drafting this article beats a follow-on episode of Ramsey yelling the heads off poor under-skilled restauranteurs anyway. This lockdown nearly defeated me you know.

LANKS / Swallowed Up

I can’t say enough positive words about Will Cuming (LANKS). The guy is a total gentleman and even had the decency to chat to me over on Zoom there last summer. The Australian songwriter has been consistently churning out wonderfully catchy indie/pop tracks for years. I’m fairly certain I had him earmarked as my favourite artist after hearing his infectious ‘Stronger Than‘ single. He has now moved to the Big Apple and is churning out similarly listenable tunes Stateside. He just released a new album and I could have picked any number of tracks to showcase it. I’ve decided on Swallowed Up. It’s a bop. Some credit also goes to collaborator Just A Gent for the beat-work.

Check the interview from 2020 here.

Goodboy// / Rotterdam

Some darker tones here all the way from Dubai. Goodboy// were formed in 2019 and operate on the Trip-Hop/Psychedelic Rock end of the scale. Rotterdam is a growling piece of music that really captures what these guys are all about – its really dark, brooding and grizzly. I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly it is that makes this band stand-out but, my god, every single element just works on this track. This is a tune for late night listening. I’m feeling it.

Mehro / Chance With You

Ever since I heard this track pre-release around a month ago, I knew it was going to be a little indie hit and its proved to be just that. Chance With You is some real high grade stuff – the type of musical find that pushed me into starting this blog in the first place. I won’t go into the normal descriptive cliched music blogger garbage writing to describe this song – it needs a bit more of a reactive write-up. This song hits the deeper parts of my psyche – it takes me back to those darker days I had in my early twenties. Those days sitting upstairs in the house, looking at the clouds rushing by out the window – watching the world go by without participating. Songs like these were a great help during that phase. Mehro’s ‘Chance With You’ is one to cherish.

Monmoi / Settle Down (With You)

London’s Monmoi has found himself featured on this blog a fair few times now. Honestly, his music is that good and it keeps getting better. Since hearing his debut single over a year ago, I’ve been watching this talented ‘one-man-band’ grow in musical maturity under this alias. Like Mehro’s lovely single above, Settle Down is a song perfect for reflecting and reminiscing – the brass ensures an uplifting mood is evoked. This guy is the business.

Settle Down is a really mellow thing isn’t it?

Spank Williams / Lebron James Minor Boogie

Something right out of left-field to conclude this addition of The Lockdown Mixtape. Channeling his inner Captain Beefheart, Vancouver’s eclectic Spank Williams absolutely blows the lid off with this one. Lebron James Minor Boogie is as mad as a box of manic frogs. Can’t say I’ve heard many songs like this – its berserk, fun and totally inspiring. Williams is absolutely going for it – no holding back – who cares what others think, just do your thing Spank and keep doing it. Love it.

If there’s one song that perked me up during this lockdown, its Lebron James Minor Boogie. WHAT A BOOGIE.

Ripped from their album, Wait for the flutes Isaiah.

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