The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape #23

The cat has decided to join me in the shed while I scribe this one. The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape has been in full flow for months now and I hope you have found some nice new music along the way. ‘Stay at Home’ is still the motto out in the world incredibly – who would have thought? Will these Lockdown Mixtapes ever end? Who knows? I wanna do live gig reviews again!

Caoilfhionn Rose / Fireflies

I shared one of Caoilfhionn’s previous singles (‘Being Human‘) on the site early last year. Her voice is as smooth as silk and whatever she touches sounds silky and sweet as a result. This Manchester native is one of the UK’s most pleasant Indie Folk artists and her music has a distinctly languid flow. Fireflies is the new one and it rings pure. I’ve earmarked her as one of the artists to watch in previous lists and this new single reiterates my lofty opinion of her.

Phil Meadows / Trashlantis

The first of two wonderful British saxophonists to be featured in this episode of the The Lockdown Mixtape this evening. The musical musings of London’s Phil Meadows has really struck a chord with me and his latest release, Trashlantis, is far from trashy. This is smooth and extremely listenable modern Jazz fusion so to song title is quite misleading. Meadow’s is a sought after commodity in the capital and one of his career highlights includes a foray across Europe’s Jazz festivals alongside Matthew Herbert. I’d happily stick him up alongside Jackson Mathod at the top of London’s saxophone game.

Jackson Mathod / Dumb People

It’s been such a shame that Jackson Mathod‘s emergence onto the scene has coincided with the most undesirable and impossible year for musicians on modern record. This time last year, Mathod released his debut single ‘The Park’ and was ready to hit the London’s live circuit in a big way. It didn’t quite pan out that way obviously. Undeterred, he has carried on what he has started and will soon be releasing his much anticipated debut EP ‘Travels In A Confined Space‘ in April. ‘Dumb People’ is a taster of what’s to come. I’ve been lucky to have been afforded an early listen to it and can safely say that it’s a whopper collection. Read more about Jackson here.

Brian Elliot / Strange

Nashville’s Brian Elliot has composed one of those chirpy holiday road-trip friendly kind of songs. Strange is a really well written piece of music which is undoubtedly elevated by the sound of a string quartet helping him out. Although it’s very much a ‘Stay At Home’ society right now, this song makes me countdown to summertime living that bit more. It certainly has shades of Arcade Fire about it doesn’t it? Faultless work.

Marc Scibilia / Seed Of Joy

Ending today’s edition of the Mixtape with a quaint folk offering from New York’s Marc Scibilia. The title track from Sciblia’s latest album, Seed of Joy is just that – a pleasantly relaxing experience. This track features the guitar work of The Gaslight Anthem‘s Brian Fallon, which makes it just that bit cooler. Although uplifting and positive sounding, this single has a really poignant backstory. Scibilia wrote it just after losing his father to brain cancer and it was scribed at a time of great pain. Aiming to promote a positive mindset and view of the world, Scibilia delves into the need for us all to think positively. ”The fragile thing about life (ending or starting) is that it must be seen as a seed that grows and fills you – a seed of joy”.

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