The Sound Sniffer’s FINAL Lockdown Mixtape #34

Hmm what’s happened since the last edition of The Lockdown Mixtape? Well… We’ve had a tornado in London, it has rained loads and I’ve joined a tennis club just in time for the Wimbledon rush. The day after I joined the club, I bent down to get a bottle of wine out of a fridge at work and popped my knee. Any chance of a refund guys?

In terms of music, the submissions inbox has continued to be inundated with top songs worthy of a mixtape inclusion. Life has been getting in the way of my blogging recently but I’ve found a little window of time for typing (as I stare out at the rain through my bedroom window) – Not great weather for tennis as it turns out, but totally ideal for blogging. The Lockdown Mixtape has been going on for months and months now and I reckon it’s time to put an end to it and move onto something different. Compiling these articles has been great therapy and I’m looking forward to bringing you all more content soon and have some pretty exciting ideas. Welcome to episode thirty four and the final episode of the Lockdown Mixtape. I’m actually a bit emotional saying goodbye to this feature.

As it’s the final edition — there’s a few extra songs included to finish off this chapter. Thanks for reading. Lots of love.

Casey / Paul’s Song

Starting off this final instalment in a bit of a sombre way with Casey‘s moving tribute to a late friend. Paul’s Song was written twenty three years ago following the tragic passing of his beloved friend Paul to suicide. Released on the twenty third anniversary of his death, the song has finally surfaced and it’s a beautiful thing. Songwriting in its purest form. A fitting tribute and I’m very fortunate to have laid ears on it! Nothing beats well written storytelling in music form. Thanks Casey.

Kai Straw / Once Upon a Time in the Suburbs

Something a little different to the opening track here from Kai Straw. I’m not your go-to guy when it comes to Hip-Hop or anything the younger generations tend to lap up but…. this song really hit me where it matters. Never came across the music of ‘Straw before now but my word.. Once Upon a Time in the Suburbs is a certified gem. When this came into the submissions inbox, I listened, I listened again and then again – I reckon you’ll do the same. It couldn’t just be me could it?

Quite an experimental sound – so good.

Jane Mathew / No One

There’s a real innocence and honesty to Jane Mathew’s folk sound. No One is her debut single and it displays her supreme songwriting abilities. The catchy and lyrically poignant chorus is where I got hooked on this one. Smartly assembled folk – good things are in the offing for this talented Canadian.

Moon Walker / The TV Made Me Do It

Moon Walker‘s debut single The TV Made Me Do It takes us back in time. Hearing this for the first time made me feel like one of those record label heads back in the 80’s listening to records sent into the office, striking gold. This is throwback punk with a satirical edge. Highly infectious and I’d love to catch these lads for an interview sometime – I reckon they’ve lots of interesting opinions and views. A great opening release.

Max RM / Emerald

Drifting back to folk again and to a song I’ve drifted away to lots over the last few weeks. London’s Max RM is a wonderful artist and I’m fairly certain I’ve been listening to his music prior to Emerald (although I can’t find him on any of my previous years playlists). Emerald is definitely going to be a stalwart in the blog’s 2021 indie playlist. This is a song for a road trip — god, I’d love a road trip.

Havana Swim Club / Yeah

Seattle’s Dan Koch can surely maneuver his way through samples. This one-man music maestro has thrown together a song worthy of headlining the mid-afternoon slot at a festival with Yeah. An intergalactic, funky and at times tropical blend of sounds and synths. This is a summer tune, the summer is hiding still but when we do get another heatwave here I’m loading up the boombox with this glorious track. Everyone can dance then.

Saumit x Nineteen Essences / Ghost

A yes, a pensive Hip-Hop style instrumental track. It’s been a while since a production of this kind found it’s way to the blog. Indian producer Saumit and Italian Nineteen Essences have really struck gold with their partnership in my humble opinion as Ghost is a special little track. Euphoric – one of the best beats I’ve ever heard actually. Not joking.

Ana Arts / Cold Coffee

London’s Ana Arts is making some atmospheric stuff down there in the city. Cold Coffee is her latest offering and it’s definitely worth a spin if you are into the more experimental and moody side of things. Love these electronic hybrid tracks – well produced and plenty of artistic expression sprinkled throughout.


Couldn’t have a final Lockdown Mixtape without some electronic music dotted about the place. French duo JAFFNA have already graced this blog with their music – Oslo is their second single featured in a mixtape. I love these guys’ music – it’s so well done. Glad the video isn’t boys in tracksuits doing wheelies on bicycles this time though – that video irked me lol.

Trip Tease x Kris Berle / Monkey

I want to go to the zoo for the sole reason of gazing into the monkey enclosure with this song ringing in my ears. Mexican Trip Tease and Kris Berle combine here for an interesting deep house with a uniquely charming theme. Huge fan of the Australian Clipp.Art imprint and it’s no surprise to notice that this track came from them – The kings of quirky Lo-Fi Deep Disco Electronic. Oh Monkey aye aye, Monkey Monkey Yeah.

Hail!Maggiedacat / Daydreamer

Ah, this is the final ever song to be featured on a Lockdown Mixtape — it’s been a mad year with plenty of reflective moments throughout. Luckily I’ve come out the other end with a new sense of clarity and maturity. These features helped and I hope they helped whoever read them too. To close out The Lockdown Mixtape series we have a really intense and dark single from London’s Hail!Maggiedacat – an artist who is currently in the process of overcoming some severe life changes. Her music is pure and somewhat eerie. A fitting song to finish up with. I’m a big daydreamer so this song resonates. Thanks for reading! See you soon.

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