Belaver Brings us Back in Time on his little ’70s Adventure’ – This is a Mood

I used to own a red 1998 Suburu Forrester before I moved to London, I called him Reggie and he was absolutely falling apart at the seems, but I adored him. I miss a lot about home but there’s probably nothing I miss more than driving down from Sydney to Wattamolla Beach, with 4 mates packed in, beers in the boot and the windows that still worked rolled down as much as they could be to help with the heat. We did this a lot, and churned through so many songs in the process – and what we absolutely needed was NYC based artist Belaver’s newest release 70s Adventure. This song is so beautifully simple, with such a nostalgic atmosphere; it’s a tune for the good and the bad and everything in between.

I want to use the word honest to describe Belaver’s work – it feels like there’s nothing hidden, just real vocals and simplistic instrumentals. It’s slow and lovely, there’s pain and love and so much more embedded within the lyrics and in the vocals, and it just seems a little bit like how life is. The softness of the sound is so pleasing, and the control over the vocals is nothing short of impressive. But the thing that really makes it stand out of the crowd is the surrealist choices made in both the lyrics and music video, fabricating a complete dreamlike feeling that coats the entirety of the song.

All in all, Belaver has created great noise in 70s Adventure, and you should definitely check him out if good music is your thing.

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