The Sound Sniffer’s ‘Post’ Lockdown Mixtape #39 

Been busy recently – actually I’ve been busy since April – mad busy for my own standards. Today I feel like maybe I’ve been a little too busy… Tired but restless – languid yet alert.

It’s a reflective Sunday evening here in my room and a monologue is just what the doctor ordered. These Lockdown Mixtapes have been great and a huge source of escape during Covid Lockdown (and now, beyond that). Fusing honest and candid words with the best music I can dig out, these mixtapes have been so crucial for me over the last twelve months. I hope some of you have found something in them too and judging by some wayy unexpected messages from people along the way, I think they have evoked something.

Started dating a couple of months ago which has taught me a lot about myself and what I really want in life. There have been some fantastic characters I’ve met in recent months and plenty of lasting memories shared. I think this is a type of busy I wasn’t expecting – it’s all just happened. It used to be busy writing, playing football, working. Now don’t get me worng, I’m still doing the latter but also mainly busy trying to find a match, testing the water, being open to allowing others in again. My soundtrack to life is expanding…. wants are changing. A changed man? Who knows?

Enough ramble there for this week, jeez. Let’s move to the music now! Here are some tunes from the bank.

Peggy Gou – Nabi

The name Peggy Gou is on all the festival posters, electronic club line-ups and people’s lips lately it seems – with all this information about, I’d never actually listened to her music up until this week. The first taste was Nabi, a smartly assembled piano led piece featuring OHHYUK. It’s delicious.

Found on a Spotify Taste Match playlist with a friend (a great idea for music lovers who always share music together btw). This is a track that hasn’t travelled the usual submission route to the blog. It’s uplifting and infectious melody and beat just eases the mind. Perfect for background listening or early in the night at a club.

Wallners – Dracula

Back to the norm again – here’s a song from the submissions inbox again. Sometimes I feel like some sort of music really important mogul when Universal Music send tunes into the blog. It’s a weird feeling getting songs from the top and often they are pretty commercial and radio ready rather than my type of thing. It’s usually a polite decline but Dracula from Austrian band Wallners is an exception to the rule. A huge exception to the rule. This song is absolutely lovely. Yes.

It’s simple, atmospheric and throwback and has all the hallmarks and quirks I tend to gravitate towards. This quartet are onto something.

Olafur Arnalds – Tree

Iceland’s cherished composer Olafur Arnalds has just released another tranquil track that would unleash calm in a melee. Tree is a firm reminder of why his fella is tasked with creating high profile tv scores, has amassed well in excess of 250 million streams and a highly sought after live performer. I had the pleasure of seeing him as part of his electronic moniker Kiasmos, a show that will always be one of my favourites. Can’t get enough of this one. It reminds me a bit of something from Apparat‘s Krieg and Frieden record a few years back.

Soft, emotive and ever expanding.

Nother / Goodbye F

Just had to share this one. Nother is the stage name of Stefano Milella and his debut album Future Is Bright has been on constant rotation this year. The second from final track Goodbye F starts with some pop styled vocals from. Endless Recall which are pleasant but later progresses into a euphoric blaze of synths. A blaze of euphoria.

I Can’t commend Milella enough for this album – it’s a wildcard for best underground electronic album of the year in my book. A solid effort.

Ucha, Darksidevinyl – Zaiana (Floyd Lavine Remix)

There’s been talk of a Floyd Lavine interview incoming here. Emails have been exchanged and times need to be arranged but it’s looking like it’s happening. Floyd is one of my favourite DJ’s and I’ll never forget my first time taking in his blend of Afro House and Techno. It was a trip to Budapest with a large group of mates in 2019 where it happened. Three of us splintered for the group on the Saturday night and stumbled down into a basement party where Lavine was situated behind the decks.

It went on for hours, I danced, we danced, there were lights on the ceiling and we will always remember it. A special night – hence why I want to get this interview – an idol.

Here is his new song.

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