Water Weight Make Us Think About Global Issues With New Single ‘Tide’

I’ve been thinking about art a lot this week, it just seems to be constantly on my mind in one way or another – probably bred from the dull repetitiveness that is bar work, and an absolute longing to do something more interesting with my life, but I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to delve into my more artistic side on a regular basis, and just sit with it, make things that didn’t exist before, throw some paint around if I feel like it, and overall, just stretch those creative muscles. And in this I’ve faced a dilemma – what should I be creating; what should anyone be creating? Where are the lines, and even if found, surely lines contest the whole notion of artistic expression and freedom. When does one medium blur into another and what makes the difference between something working or turning into a complete mess.

Anyway, getting a bit sidetracked. I found an American artist going by the name Water Weight a few weeks back, and long story short I fell very in love with his newest single Tide, very quickly, and I will get to talking about it soon, promise. But the thing that stood out about this artist was the first line of his bio – describing Water Weight as a solo project. And I loved it even more, this idea of an artist releasing songs as a project rather than just music – a complete disruption of the rules, making music bigger than it already is something incredibly large, and something that I think is achieved greatly within Tide.Tide presents itself within the indie-rock genre, think fun and repetitive electric guitar, a catchy tune that will be stuck in your head for days – all contrasted by the deep and powerful vocals that carry through the song. It’s a complex and bittersweet amalgamation of sounds and ideas, tackling a theme as a big as climate change and the direction of the world, all the while making you think about your place in it. It should definitely be a staple of all your playlists. Whether you’re after a groove, a drive, a cry or a few drinks, this is the one to blast. 

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