The Sound Sniffer’s ‘Post’ Lockdown Mixtape #46

I’ve had the house to myself for a week and it’s been very enjoyable. I’ve been so used to sharing my space and living with others so this week of solitude has been pretty relaxing. I’ve been just chilling around the place, lounging, walking about – I’m a solitary creature at heart and this time on my own has been refreshingly nice, I’ve been like a sloth at times but I’ve gotten a fair chunk of writing done. Here is another episode of The Sound Sniffer’s ‘Post’ Lockdown Mixtape while I’m sloth-ing about.

Joëtta / Narrative

It’s been a dreary winter’s day here in London – it’s been spent listening to music indoors. I did in fact make one dash out to the shops earlier but that was only a swift dash to get milk for the tea. I’m back now and decided to have a look at Chris Sharpe’s platform Musosoup for some new musical inspiration. It didn’t take long before I found a song worthy of a feature. Joëtta is a Dutch songwriter hailing from Amsterdam who has just released her debut EP over the weekend. Narrative is a single from this maiden project and it is absolutely beautiful. I mean, this is whimsical and totally enchanting – great work.

An Hour a Minute / Honeydew (Honey Don’t)

Something Indie and exciting from An Hour a Minute to get you dancing around the house this evening. I’ve been very much focused on folk and electronic music of late so this track caught me right off guard. A rip-roaring blast of high-tempo energy that gives off serious summer vibes even as the days get shorter, colder and more bleak. I feel like sifting through my wardrobe for my flower shorts and summer gear whilst listening to this one. So much fun – a top group.

Chafa / Luminescence

Written during the lockdown period, Shayne Chafa releases a truly decadent score of music with Luminescence. My mother is a professional piano player and she is heading to the studio in Mid-November to record her debut and listening to this composition has gotten me all excited about her upcoming work. I’m not saying her collection will be as high scale and cinematic as Chafa’s piece here, but it will be of similar quality. Luminescence is a calming and touching classical tune and is the perfect accompaniment to ease the Monday Blues.

Kyl Aries / Beans in Water

I don’t think I’ve shared music from the Philippines on the site before – here goes. Kyl Aries is a beat maker who operates in the LoFi instrumental sphere – a pretty saturated market to be honest. What makes his latest single ‘Beans in Water’ stand out from the pack is the really interesting and unique vocal pattern he has running through the song. I’ve heard lots of this so called, mood music, over the last three or four years but Aries’s vocals are really pleasant and on further inspection, this wonderful producer from the other side of the world has many other top tunes in his catalog too (Afternoon Ease, Really Slo)

Camille Antoni / L.U.N.A

We head back to The Netherlands for another new emerging talent. Camille Antoni is no newbie within the music scene over there in the flatlands but his solo work is only just being dripped into society slowly. A beat maker with a huge future ahead of him – L,U.N.A, which features Pete Philly on the words is a great opening track to showcase Antoni’s undoubted ability to craft high intensity and tariff beats.

Cat Flowers / Pretty Things

We finish up today’s Musosoup round up with a very endearing track from young Australian artist Kat Flowers. This is her debut single and it’s very confident and assured. Pretty Things is a fabulous opener from this Brisbane act and I’m sure she’s got plenty more charming tunes up her sleeve. It’s been a lovely night going through the wonderful submissions within the Musosoup dashboard. I don’t visit that site very often as I’ve been run off my feet with writing projects but it’s nice to see some gold in there.

Be sure to keep a close eye on Cat’s Soundcloud account to discover more from her, she is a wholesome songwriter. Hope you enjoyed this swift round-up. Peace.

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