The Sound Sniffer’s Post Lockdown Mixtape #48

As we reach winter’s peak, it’s not exactly a ‘post’ lockdown mixtape this time is it? Masks are back, solitude is advised again – all things considered, I don’t think it’s as bad as last year – the year the Irish Government texted me on Christmas morning asking me to eat my Christmas dinner in bed… that was a unique time. Seen as I’ll be hosting an electronic music gig at The Finsbury next Sunday, here’s an electronic episode of the mixtape. This one features some wonderful submissions that are sure to get your head bopping and your soul’s thirst for rhythm quenched.

Boogrov / Unost

I know nothing about how people actually produce their music, the equipment they use, the time it takes, the samples used or where they come from. The only gauge I have on whether an electric track is good or not is, in my opinion, how original it sounds. I’m going to put my neck on the line here and say that Russian producer Boogrov‘s (Andrey Bugrov) recent release Unost is my favourite electronic track of 2021.

I’ve been sent thousands of works from new producers in the last couple of years due to my listing on SubmitHub. It sometimes sounds like each artist has just downloaded the same sample pack of sounds to scribe their tunes. It’s quite rare for a hair-raisingly brilliant and clever submission to come in an totally blow my mind. My mind is totally blown. Unost is pure and I’m sure others will agree with me. It brings me back to my days of listening to Weekend Wolves, my hipster left-field electronic days. If you like this song, get in touch with me – we should chat.

Neptune Orizon / Saimiri

Music journalism is such a funny one these days – half my time seems to evaporate searching for the correct spellings of artist monikers. All the normal names have been taken seven, eight times over by now and artists are either making up their own words or altering the spellings of others in their titles.

Focusing on the music: Saimiri, the latest track from French producer Neptune Orizon is enchanting and delicate. The soft rippling synths working in tandem with the effective distorted vocal snippets work a treat. Throw in the atmospheric strings that introduce themselves later and you’ve got yourself a solid downtempo release here. Very impressed with how chilled out this one is.

Dot Never / You Took Your Time

I took my time writing this review for Dot Never – I was sent this track about a month ago whilst on holiday and it became a constantly shuffled song for me there. Dot Never are based out of a South London studio and have crafted a very nice blend of indie/electronic fusion. You Took Your Time oozes quality and it’s evident there’s a bright future ahead. I didn’t manage to catch their recent gig down at Peckham Audio but hope to see a performance soon.

Chaos Control / Ghost

Something a little bit darker and roll-y from American producer Chaos Control. I’ve featured his music before so amn’t too surprised that his latest single Ghost ticked my fancy. This type of track brings me back to the dark dungeons I used to rave in during my late teens and early twenties. These were nights I’d get warmed up in the house with some drinks before-hand, assemble a crew of ravers with me and just go into the club completely focused on the music. Eye closed, nothing but the music and the vibration for company. Chaos Control’s music reminds me of those times. Good times. Thanks.

Yeti Tears / Rooted

Subtle downtempo – music that I like to call ‘train-gaze music’. It’s the genre I choose to listen to whilst travelling in and out of London at night. The lights outside the window fly by at pace, I watch goings on within the carriage in the reflection and find peace within the music. Yeti Tears is a producer based in the US who has hit the nail square on the head with his recent offering Rooted. A track that is fairly rooted in my ‘train-gaze’ playlist. Beautiful stuff.

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