Jadu Heart – I’m a Kid

KAreemsPickJaduHeartAs the rain pelts down on us today in London – we must adjust our tunes to suitable soundbites for a wet Friday. Jadu Heart’s Dino x Faro who were Mura Masa’s most exciting signing to their Anchor Point Label have created a wonderful brand. They have even graced the boiler room with one of the most eclectic and varied sets. These London up and comers have a very relaxing/timid sound with their vocal duets dazzling us in a very ‘Kazy Lambist’ melancholy style. ‘I’m a kid’ is a wonderful tune with a certain Neon Indian vibe. We love these guys. Check out their London Boiler Room as for me it is a must hear!! What a knowledge of music they have bringing wonderful African/reggae/contemporary together with sheer ease   – Not to mention their unique fashion image.

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