downloadLANKS is one smooth customer on the circuit and he has just released his debut full length album ‘twentyseven’ and we are fairly content with it. His production skills have always been his greatest asset- using trippy distorted effects in the vast majority of his tracks akin to ‘Maribou State’s’ style of production. ‘Man’ opens the album very nicely in a weird mish-mash drum beat reminiscent of one with a Romare’s trademark stamped on it  – the tune progresses to a radiohead-esque vocal groan as the track steadily gathers momentum. The vocals on the verses sound like the XX’s Oliver Sim – which doesn’t do the atmosphere any harm. With all of these great sounds mixed into one artist it’s a no -brainer to give LANKS boy a chance. It’s not amazingly original in ideas but his music is well extremely well thought out. Check out the album.

Notable songs – Man / twentyseven / Holla 


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