AE MAK – We Have It Right Here

Little old Ireland continues and continues to produce edgy and wonderful music – music ready to expand to a more global audience. On this occasion we stumble upon pure class from Aoife McCann released last week – ‘We have it right here’ is an absolute legend of a tune. What I love about this is it’s very strange style which is almost Tune-Yards-y and Bjork-y in it’s bizarre structure – with dream synth pop vibes shimmering away torwards the end. This is probably the most formidable music release I could find from last week and its been on repeat since.

McCann herself has been on a great journey so far, playing numorous festivals in the UK already and also showing her face at the brilliant Eurosonic, Groningen. If she is creating tunes as catchy as this one, she will certainly be a mainstay on the music scene for years to come. This is the Irish version of ‘Slyvan Esso- love that. Talent!

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