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Yet another slick as an oil-spill artist hailing from my home city of Dublin, Ireland. I was sent over this tune earlier this week and instantly knew I’d be sticking it up of on the site. Bizarrely constructed experimental music really intrigues me, this Lullahush fella is extremely unique and fresh on first glance.  ‘Clothes’ is a slow-paced glitchy number with very impressive little guitar snippets floating about. The song reminds me of something french band Chelou would come out with – the vocal tone and overall lazy shoe-gaze mood is quite similar. I don’t know too much else in the way of information about this guy other than the few songs he has uploaded on SoundCloud, with ‘Clothes’ being my personal standout with a special mention for the synth-y ‘Hope‘. I really believe there is a broad market for this fella – the tunes are pure decent. I’m certainly in the fan-club! Keep up the quality work.

Other than my Chelou comparison – I can’t put this fella in a box, he is quite unique. Great stuff.

**Picture from the artists’ Facebook page, taken by Tim Shearwood**

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  1. Wow, what an interesting track! One of the more unique and original songs I’ve heard in a while. At first I wasn’t sure, but halfway through the cool groove and his quirky vocals had me hooked.

    1. I was the same, I thought it was completely bizzare to begin too. I really respect musicians who stand alone by making tunes with their own original personal quirks. Originality wins here. Glad you took the time to listen 🙂

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