The Vardenettes – Down With You

Taking the pace down a notch we stumble upon some very fine stuff from ‘The Vardenettes‘, hidden away in the depths of the vast Spotify library. They are an Austrian/English duo making melancholy tunes down in South London. I heard ‘Down With You‘ after being recommended it by a friend and was very impressed with their harmonies and relaxing languid strumming style. It was the perfect tune for me to listen to after a gruelling long day amidst the hustle and bustle of London’s over-crowded rushed streets. This tune is like an eeriely haunting lullaby wistfully travelling from verse to verse. These are the type of atmospheric little tunes curators love when they are selecting for suspenseful TV moments.

Check out their self-titled album on Spotify if tickles your fancy. Unfortunately, it seems to be all quiet lately release wise – hopefully they put out some more in the future, the components are there.

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