SAULT – Don’t Waste My Time


Serious shades of Santigold mixed with Tune-Yards humming off this little piece of stellar tune-age from SAULT. I have little to no idea about any information to shed on this band and have no idea how I managed to have it in the saved collection this week. All I do know is that it’s a three piece who are part of independent label ‘Forever Living Originals‘. As soon as I heard the first belt of the bass guitar at the beginning, I was sold. I grew up listening to Santigold and her extremely addictive rhythmic bass heavy stuff (especially her 2008 Debut). Tunes like ‘Shove it’, ‘L.E.S Artistes’ and ‘This Isn’t Our Parade’ rank fairly highly on my top tunes of the 00’s list. SAULT induce that same emotive passion in me on first listen of their brilliant ‘Don’t Waste My Time’.

The song begins with a marauding upbeat bass riff, with lovely vocals supported by a tribal vocal flurry. This is one hell of a start for this band- full of action, energy and flair. Both releases thus far are superb and leave me in unreal anticipation for more and more. Riffs aplenty, great vocals and overall great sound. ‘We are The Sun‘ is also cool opening track, in the mould of ‘Jungle’ stylistically. Brilliant stuff – Get more out!!!

Check out the fabulous ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ Below.

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