Kalabrese – Ligestuetz (Ft. Lara Stoll)

Very interesting sounds here from Zurich’s Kalabrese! I know this fella from before and his brilliant 2014 indie disco track ‘Kafi Lied’ where he sang nice and pensively alongside Sarah Palin. This new one is ripped from a new three song EP ‘Let Me Be Your Princess’ and gets the write up due to it’s lovely synthy marauding rhythmic values.

From the outset here, my head was turned as I heard the opening quarter of this one – very hip indeed. Great little subtle build-ups and powerful kick drums! I like an obscure tune at the best of times, this certainly is in that category! I can’t name many producers making tunes quite like this or place it! If you like different- this could be right up your alley.

Have a bop to this one below!💥

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