The Tallest Man On Earth – I’m a Stranger Now

I don’t think I have written about ‘The Tallest Man on Earth‘ on this site before. No idea why I haven’t really as he is completely in the A class of musicians of our generation! His ability to match the most complex guitar plucking with his compelling voice seamlessly makes him a golden treasure.

I remember a good few years ago, myself and my sister travelled into Dublin and saw him play a solo show in Vicar Street. The sold-out crowd of paying onlookers were treated to a complete masterclass as ‘Tallest Man played around 15 songs, just him and his guitar!! He held the crowd silent and in a state of awe throughout. Not only does the Swede have the best songwriting ability of this generation, he has a wicked sense of humour too. On the night in question in Dublin he told the crowd that he had written a song in Ireland earlier that day. I remember the crowd booing (in good spirit) when he told them he couldn’t play it. He found the booing hilarious and asked the crowd to continue booing! An entertaining weird dynamic, but this is a man who clearly never ever has been the recieving end of critisim. Rightly so.

I’m a Stranger Now‘ is his new piece and it goes straight into my playlists! Typically brilliant guitar and typically thoughtful lyrics! If you havn’t checked him out before, please do, this is songwriting at it’s purest!

A new album will be out soon, you can pre-order here.

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