MOTTRON – Lighter

Brooding synths litter this debut from new French pop act MOTTRON from the outset. The song plods along purposefly and eerily – the intensity continues throughout and an acidic synth melody drives home it’s powerful intentions. The electronic production of this song reminds me slightly of something ‘Son of Kick’ would have produced a few years ago.

As first singles go, just like Swedish artist Augustine’s ‘Luzon’, which I also featured recently, these two tunes are superb first editions by these respective artists.

‘ Lighter’s ‘ music video is one of real creepiness and is directed by well respected Oliver Grouix and the director of photography here Galo Olivares was a key figure is the creation of Oscar-Nominated movie ‘Roma’. Hows that for experience! It’s fair to say that alot of work has gone into this. Good tune!

Keep tabs on this guy, fresh new music.

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