Royksopp – Church

Thinking back to all of the mad nights I’ve had on the sauce over the years, bopping and weaving on the dancefloor, losing track of time completely as the bass just marinades the room in feel good energy – this new release (originally constructed six years ago) from Tromso’s favorite duo Royksopp has taken the absolute piss here.

What a tune, plain and simple.

These lads have been bossing it for years now and I will always hold them in high regard due to the fact that they were one of the first electronic acts I got into. Tunes like ‘Eple‘ and ‘Remind me’ are timeless! This tune in question ‘church is just naughty!

Buckle up and have a gawk at this one! Bass, athmosphere and grime, wrapped into one! This kind of music is not to dissimilar to what Lane 8 has been delivering lately – Growler.

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