Gary Kazazian – Sticks

A few notches need to be taken down on the lighting when listening to this new one from Los Angeles indie folk artist Gary Kazazian. This is a really deeply beautiful piece from this highly gifted songwriter. The Sound Sniffer is going a couple of years now yet it gave me shivers when a tune of this calibre was sent my way. I have always wanted to be sent class tunes to write about, this is finally happening – like a child in a sweet shop here.

Kazazian is a very cultured lad and this comes through in his seamlessly relaxing musical style. He has lived in many obscure places in his life – Venezuela, Beirut and Nigeria to be exact. It’s fair to say that he is not one to sit in the box and watch the world go by. I can imagine him taking out his guitar in the wilderness and belting out ‘Sticks‘ passionately to the amuzement and awe of whoever is around. Pure mellow, done well. ‘Sticks is one of those tunes that just effortlessly impresses. The man has honed his craft!

Check out the wonderfully vintage video below. I’m glad this one came my way. I hope you enjoy this.

Released 22nd May 2019

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