Soft Streak – Reasonable Lie

Yet another great LA act here, this time it’s duo Soft Streak who are producing the goods and their follow-up to the acclaimed Ride has me swaying around the house. The bouncy mood brought on by the slick guitar riff during the chorus is fairly infectious.

Reasonable Lie is a tune you will definitely do a double take on if you like your unique sounding tunes. Hearing stuff like this is why I do what I do – there is nothing like the excitment of hearing something fresh every so often. The subtle synths trickling throughout and Tori’s lead vocals are just what the doctor ordered.

A strange concept is born midway through the music video too. I struggle to remember ever seeing that many pineapple rings on a cake – in the video there is an abundance of pineapple on a cake. Mind numbing. I suppose that explains why she scoffed it all up alone. Anyways, ramble aside, this is a top track which is undoubtedly worth consuming too.

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