Exclusive First Listen: Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test – Apocalipstic

This is some gold taken from my personal submissions pool! There are belters everywhere if you search in the right nooks and crannies.

I’m pretty sure that I have never come accross a band name as long and twisty as this before. It’s like a electronically compiled slab of words from the old reliable band name generator that everyone used back in 2005. This will certainly raise a few eyebrows along the way, LSD connetations. Name aside, this duo of Helters guitarist Davey Lee Roberts and award winning writer and performer Ross Bryant form this classy noir dream pop band, and we love it here.

Apocalipstic is a real earworm from the get go – the summer beach club feel of this is striking as the silky bass-line, the plucky electric guitar and the retro drum beat open the song up in a slick Hollister playlist kind of vibe (in a good way). I was sitting in the garden a couple of days ago, my phone was on shuffle, this came on I was thinking it had to be something new from M83, Wild Nothing or For Against. I was wrong, it was just this cracker from these raw newcomers Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.

The lads are so underground a find that they don’t even have any pictures to put up here yet, just the single cover art – curious seagull and pidgeon headed animations. Vocalist Roberts states the duo’s influences are “Blood Orange, MGMT, Glass Candy and Mtume.” I think they may be onto a winner here, delighted to bring this one into circulation. Smashing!

Unearthing stuff like this is why The Sound Sniffer exists. Support the guys, enjoy the music.

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