That One Eyed Kid – Rebandon

That One Eyed Kid is the moniker of Josh Friedman, a Boston-based independent songwriter, performer, and producer. Building from a soulful vocal performance, synth-pop production, and delicate layers of acoustic and electronic instruments, T1EK’s states that his songs are “about embracing our deepest insecurities and holding them up to the light”.

The first time I heard Rebandon, I was instantly in awe of the professionalism of the whole product. Being a huge Bon Iver fan, I’ve listened through from his early folk days to his more recent experimental electronic releases, I honestly can say that this would not go astray if it was pearched in 2016’s ‘22, a million’ album. The reason I’m harping on about Vernon so much is that I feel this one from T1EK bears all the quality hallmarks of a modern Bon Iver release (with a strong James Blake influence thrown in too). I’ve had this one on repeat since it was thrown in my direction, it’s going to stick you know.

If anyone is into experimental, chopped and distorted pop music, this is your number one stop. This fella has been honing his skills for years and funny enough I saw some of his piano covers on YouTube before. This new single would not be out of place on a primetime radio slot whatsoever – killer track, bon appetite.

This is my song of the week.

New England Music Awards – best producer nominee 2018

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