The Bergamot – One Mile

Brooklyn based husband and wife duo Jillian Speece & Nathaniel Paul Hoff form the enchanting musical project that is The Bergamot. I was introduced to this band this time last week when I was sent their latest single ‘One Mile’, I was instantly impressed, not only by the song but also the work that went into the video that accompanied it. I didn’t have any knowledge of them before then, thank god I do now. These are no ordinary band, they are an Emmy Award winning band – picking up the award in 2018 for their Trailblazers documentation.

I had a quick blast through their earlier releases and was stopped swiftly in my tracks by Ceasefire. This is a song that packs a punch and gets caught in the ear instantly. The couple’s style reminds me of early Angus & Julia Stone a bit. I’m going to link that track below too for good measure.

The impact these two musicians has had on society extends further than just making wonderful indie/folk music. Their recent expedition across America was inspiring and unique.

In 2016, the couple travelled the length and breadth of The United States in what they called ‘The unity car‘ – they got people they met along the 50,000 mile journey to completely cover the car in hopeful and inspiring messages. The car was then sold at auction to raise money for a musical therapy programme. I have to bow down and say that these are a totally awesome couple! An animated dipiction of the unity car is seen in their new video for ‘One Mile

Check out their material below. One Mile is soft, emotional and thought provoking. Ceasefire is a real ballad of a thing. Enjoy.

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