Joel Ansett – Cadillac

Have you ever come across a song that just instantly grabs a hold- Joel Ansett‘s new one Cadillac is a real clinger from the first moment I heard it. This is just too good not to hear. I had an Elderbrook obsession for a few weeks a couple of months ago and hearing the vocals on this reminded me of the Englishman’s clear tone. Music like this stands out for me and I put these kind of songs on repeat for weeks at a time. Cadillac is a instant banker for this month’s playlist.

The song opens with really simplistic, slick and mellow guitar riff, Ansett then comes in with his vocals, which are so natural – no false vibrato, no put on accent, no forced notes. This man just sings in a seamless and casual sounding manner throughout. The plucked bass is to die for. For me, this is one of the most relaxing tunes I have heard in 2019 so far, no exaggeration.

Ansett himself hails from Denver, Colorado and is currently unsigned beleive it or not. He made real headway back in 2017 when his emotive folk ballad ‘Give Our Hearts Some Weight‘ amassed well over a million streams on SoundCloud alone – rightly so. I have a sneaky feeling his new one Cadillac will have just as much success – this fella seems to be going from strength to strength, who knows what lies ahead.

Check out the track below – it’s co-written with Megan Burtt – I’m fairly certain you all will enjoy this one. Thanks for the tune Joel.

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