INVÕKER – Churches

Belter Alert: Parisian producer Invõker has just released a real tech house classic there yesterday. The low end rhythmic toms are completely tribal in nature – which is something I always enjoy a good boogie to. The synth here is the focal point though – the subtle progressions envoke a feeling of elation in the listener. There is also an acidic edge which really brings the whole thing together. I can imagine a dark evening at a festival, strobe lights everywhere, the dj spins this one and everyone gets lost as they sway in unison to this infectious beat – bliss.

This guy is just starting out his journey and has already raised a few eyebrows in the music scene with his well rounded releases thus far. Recently Techno legend Laurent Garnier has got in touch upon hearing this Churches single – he will certainly be giving it a spin this festival season. Building roots through high calibre support like this will surely elevate Invõker’s reputation onto the next level.

According to the artists profiles he will be releaseing a debut EP on well respected duo Frankey & Sandrino‘s ‘Sum over Histories’ label, which is an exciting piece of news. When asked by Electronic Groove to define his sound. He states:

I try really hard to do music that people can dance to on a night out, and that are in the right format for DJs to play, but also that they can listen to when they are chilling, driving, having dinner with friends

Check out the barnstorming Church below. Cracking tech house release.

INVŌKER: “What’s important is the journey, never forget that and enjoy every step on the way”

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