Zander Bleck – Forget You

A tune straight out of the indie folk bag here from New Jersey’s talented Zander Bleck. This guys story is an intruiging one to be honest. Bleck started out his solo project after disbanding from his band and quickly landed on his feet and he met multi-Grammy award winning song-writer Holly Knight, who he recorded a single called ‘Mercy Me’ with soon after. This kind of chance acquaintance transpired to be the door opener for Bleck enticing well renound producer RedOne to pick him up and put him at the feet of two labels, Interscope and Capitol. These deals never came to fruition but this has never shaken or diminished Bleck’s drive to create music. He now releases independently.

Forget You is a chilled out summer song. Nice simple kick, a handy accoustic melody executed well and Bleck‘s folky tone make this a very pleasant little composition. The track drifts along in a kind of progressive manner as we pick up various different guitar riffs as we go. What I like the most about this song is the fact it never overcomplicates itself, there are no big crashes of noise, no huge mood come downs – the song is consistently uplifting. Hats off.

Check out Forget You below. A fine effort. One for the travel playlist.

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