ABC Dialect – Searching

London-Based Argentinian duo Tomás Susevich and Luca Oliva Knight form the chilled out funk creative project ABC Dialect. The idea was born in 2017, with these two releasing a couple of nice sounds in the process until now. Their debut EP Real Life surfaced just over a week ago and we were taken aback by the sound quality of the opening track Searching.

The style of synth dream funk ABC Dialect are making is really trending lately with bands like Parcels (Kitsune) and Retiree (Rhythm Section) making real inroads in the market these days. Searching bops away in a similar summer beach bar manner – bubbly synths, perky bassline and clean percussion, all combined seemlessly. The lads certainly know how to create uplifting vibes on this EP. There are no lyrics on this one bar a humming vocal note that skirts around the edges. If you are looking to hear the guys singing in full voice, the following track on the EP titled Magic features some smooth chirpy vocals alongside the bouncy bassline and a bitta pan flute! How can you not like that?

This is pure happy music – Enjoy folks.

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