Iñigo Montoya – Mon Amour abandonnique, Vol 2

We delve deep into the bag here to unearth the quite spendid second volume of Iñigo Montoya Mon Amour abandonnique. The name of the song is quite a mouthful indeed, not to mention the fact that I don’t speak a word of French – this doesn’t impede my enjoyment of this vibrant pop track. I know it’s clique and unoriginal to state that I love the French language in music, but that’s it, I havn’t heard much native French stuff lately but this one is perched right on the top shelf.

Artists like Babylon Circus, Stromae, Klub Sandwich, Sinik all made my rotation growing up even though I couldn’t understand the words. Inigo and this new belter will be enjoyed in the same vein. The production quality is superb – progressive, imposing and quite stand-alone. The track is all action from the get go and certainly good enough get the most rigid dancer moving freely. This band are creating a very exciting project over there and I am very excited to hear more stuff from them. Check out this well constructed barnstormer below. It’s loud and abrasive but ultimately wholly entertaining. I’m liking Iñigo Montoya and their style.

One more thing, I absolutely love the idea of making second version of a song. Why don’t more artists do it? Volume 2 here is a very welcome add-on to the 2017 original. 


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