Renwick – Learn To Let It Go

Ah here now Mr Renwick. This is pure gold you know – Learn To Let It Go is as refreshing as a long drink of iced water after a five mile run in the desert. This 21 year old Aussie is something else altogether. A young lad churning out probably a contender for track of the summer so far. We have been scrolling and thrawlling for weeks to compile our summer playlist and we get served up this dreamy pop little gem. This is banged straight to the top of our sunshine lounge list.

Renwick, amazingly, is a solo act who whips up his tunes from the comfort of his own bedroom over in Sydney. He sings in a frilly falsettto and has french electro basslines whipping around behind him on this one. He states that this track is ‘his most fun and closest nod to popular edm’. I reckon he should be given free reign in a fully kitted studio to slap up some more of this silky stuff. I’m always amazed by these mecurial bedroom producers, it’s outrageous the quality one can produce these days without even leaving the house. Another home cookie we have featured here lately has been Swedish sensation Augustine who is creating similar out-there sounds.

There is a slightly Hot Chip-py vibe going on here. We have absolutely fallen in love with that grooving bassline and those little high pitched synth notes. I hope people get to hear this tune – alot of good ones are being swept under the rug by Spotify and YouTube’s personalised tailored suggestions these days. Learn To Let It Go is a little hidden gem in our book. Have a listen – it mightn’t be for everyone but it is certainly my kind of cheese.

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