Doxa – Hypnagogia

Here is one for all you fans of ambient electronic. Berlin based artist Doxa is churning out some stellar mindful music. Hypnagogia is a melencholy downtempo song that reminds us of Four Tet, Kiasmos and Irishman Myronik rolled into one. The song is compiled with very unique and thought-provoking sounds rippling around in the background. This is highly thought-out electronic production which has clearly taken some time for Doxa to complete.

The track has a nice brooding bassline and the guitar melody that comes in midway through is a super touch. Written in New Zealand, touched up in Australia and mastered in Berlin, this arrangement is far more travelled than me. It sounds pretty slick too.

Words from the artist:

This EP has been an exploration into mixing and matching all of my influences into something cohesive and hopefully, new.

The music video that accompanies the track here is pretty cool. Glitchy visuals to match the trippy sounds. It was made by artist Dylan Gephart. The new EP will be released on the 25th of July.

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