Bobby Guard – Hi-Lo

As the heatwave hits the capital here in the UK – the mood in the city is jovial with sunglasses, caps and shorts a neccesity. I find myself browsing through some submissions while sitting on a train at London Bridge looking out at the Thames, Hi-Lo comes into my headphones and I am taken aback by it’s simplistic beauty. It’s moments like these that I remember tunes and hold my memories. Nothing beats London on a sunny evening, this is the perfect song to gaze out the window to.

Bobby Guard is a LA based folk musician with a talent for creating catchy hooks. His husky voice has the perfect chill out tone. This is their first official release after years of dappling around – Hi-Lo is a ode to Dylan and Springsteen’s blend of American folk and I’m loving it. I am pleased to have stumbled upon this today – the deep pensive piano melodies, gritty accoustic guitar and accomplished song development makes for a top quality listen.

Check it out. A great new artist.

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