Caracol – Flooded Field

Some highly acclaimed music from Montreal, Canada from the utterly impressive Caracol. We are very excited by the next few tracks we have in the pipeline this weekend with Flooded Field kicking off our weekend of write-ups. This track features word from the late detroit legend Jay Dilla‘s brother Illa J. This is a pop record with a slight regaee tinge to it. We have been playing it all day.

This is an artist who takes her influence from the likes of Santigold, Lykee Li and Beach House. Her style is a little different to her favourites with some pretty fresh genre fusion going on. The song opens with some flashy piano chords with the the vocals weaving with intent. The electro Regaee beat comes in and we are thrown into a track that is totally compelling. I love unique, this is definitely very unique. Her style ticks most boxes for me. Caracol is a talent.

The song has been streaming very well since it’s release and has gained quite a heap of attention from the biggest blogs. Caracol boasts a recent nomination at the Canadian Indie Awards alongside fellow electronic artist DVVBS. Her stock is growing quickly. This is nailed on to be featured in our August Playlist on Sniffer. If you like what you hear, check out her latest album Symbolism.

Other Tracks worth an ear:

Scars ☆ Celle que les hommes pleurent ☆ Summer Blues

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