Bella Paton – Early

The lucious voice of Australian Bella Paton with pop tune that is pretty much radio ready. We got our ears on Early a couple of months ago and it has been released yeaterday, finally. When I was younger, I just couldn’t get enough of the music of Daughter. Her track Youth was probably my top folk song growing up. Upon hearing this new single from Paton, I was brought back to those folky feels. Early is a stellar effort, a real little earworm.

This young singer/songwriter states that she has no plan B if music fails her. On this evidence, she will have no problems at all. The Gold Coast has a new face on the music scene. It’s hard not to enjoy any of the elements that are heard in this chirpy release. Donning a great voice, a slick vibe and an intense beat – this is well worth listening to.

Her three song debut EP also titled ‘Early’ was also released on the 26th.

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