Lui Hill – I Owe You

We have had this one saved for a week or two now waiting patiently for it’s official release to post this. One of the reasons I keep doing The Sound Sniffer is the joyous feeling evoked from hearing songs way before they are released. What makes it cool is that I can slip some of the tracks onto the speakers where I work and ask for feedback. People have been singing the praises of this one all week. I Owe You is a hit, I’m 98.9% certain of it.

Lui Hill is a German singer/songwriter with a crisp voice that has had me wondering why I have never heard of him before this track. The quality of what he is making has us gushing here in London. He has been about a few years now, I Owe You is probably the record that will propel him from the reasonablely unknown to the ears of many new fans. I have been listening to this on repeat – absolutely stellar release this.

The song opens with very brisk and simplistic piano chords that remind me of Miike Snow‘s 2009 hit ‘Black and Blue’. There is nothing too complicated here but it just works. Hill‘s voice comes in. The track is rhythmically superb – I would go so far as to say that it is right up there with Miike Snow’s pop stuff. Hill even has a better singing voice than Andrew Wyatt. This is high praise from me here – I love this song, that is all.

Check it out! ‘Tis a good one.

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