Calcou – LFOst

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is an honour to introduce Bonobo‘s new Berlin equivalent 😉. Calcou has just surfaced this weekend to us mere mortals and his first ever full length release ‘LFOst’ has been put onto SoundCloud. When we heard this one on SubmitHub a couple of weeks ago we knew it was the exact substance we have been searching for intently. This guy is the real deal kids. Tell your mates, play it loud.

Calcou seems to possess that electronic x-factor in his productions that only the likes of Gold Panda, Kieran Hebdon, Bonobo and Robag Wuhme compete with. I’m delighted to have found this talented German so early in his musical journey. I’m genuinely hella excited to hear what else comes outta this guy’s collection. He recently put two more sample teasers up online and both sound as slick as an oilspill.

LFOst may have a uninspiring name but the sound is very distinguished. The chirpy high-pitched synths, the brooding electro bassline and the rippling percussion heard throughout this debut are top drawer. I would love to hear this track live at a venue like The Peacock Society in Paris or accompanied by a Four Tet LED lightshow – it’s got an epic feel to it. As first releases go, this has gotta get some attention.

Keep them coming!

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