DJ Discover Weekly is bringing the LoFi House Vibes with ‘Cloud Nine-Nine’

Donning a great name DJ Discover Weekly has announced himself to the LoFi House world with a slick debut offering titled Cloud Nine-Nine. I don’t think we need to ask this UK producer where he got his name. It’s definitely a Spotify search bar algorithm buster!! It was on the second listen that I began to give this song a real intent listen. It’s simple, groovy and undoubtedly LoFi in nature.

This one for fans of Ross From Friends, Laurence Guy and Chaos in The CBD. Although not entirely groundbreaking in its sound, Cloud Nine-Nine intruiges just enough to evoke initial interest. On furthur inspection the subtle breakbeats, an infectious lead synth and those unmistakably heavy house kicks litter this maiden release and get us grooving. I’m liking it!

This is a track perfect for opening a set! Stylish grooves. This guy is releasing two full EP’s soon so keep an eye out – watch this space.

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