Oux – I Sleep Skeptical

Chicago/LA are our next stops for some pretty fly noise from eclectic duo Oux. This talented double act have only two tracks floating around the net as I write this little piece, I Sleep Skeptical and Mosquito Bites. Their short supply of tunes didn’t impact the poignancy of what they are all about – sometimes less is better when it comes to finding new acts. I am wholly intruiged by these two, this is certainly not run of the mill music, these are creating a sound that is certainly their own.

Clearly influenced by some new age Hip-Hop styled stuff, I seem Skeptical is a great little introduction to Oux. The prolonged little opening to the track with subtle guitar plucking, sweet throwback vocal humming and a bit of wood percussion chirping by is what caught our ear immediately. It’s hellishly good. The song then proceeds the bounce along with a superb RnB backbeat as it’s backbone. You will notice straight away that this is a song you can’t put into a box. There are so many little peculiar elements thrown in. We absolutely love what we are hearing. Have a listen and make up your own minds.

Mosquito bites is another pretty damn decent effort two. A little bit more structured and refined. The vocals on it are bang on. Even though my pet hate, the dreaded Trap styled Hi Hat is thrown in the beatwork, I still have added it to my shuffle too.

The duo will be playing every Tuesday in Chicago in August @ Uncommon Ground.

Check out Oux on #SoundCloud


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