Kate Yeager – Impulse

Brooklyn’s hidden gem Kate Yeager has been making music for a few years now with a big gap between her 2016 single ‘Your Girlfriend‘ and her latest little collection of singles released in 2019. This year sees her return to songwriting as graces us with ‘Impulse’, ‘Keep My Distance’ and ‘Kiss Me Like You Mean It’ – all released on good streaming networks. Yeager has a voice that can do no wrong, it is only a matter of time before she gets all signed up over in the States. Her music has a relatable simplicity and innocence to it – she will do very well.

Keep My Distance was the first track I heard from her and instantly was blown away by the crispness in her vocals. She possesses one of those, once heard not forgotten voices. That track is more ballad style than the chirpy single Impulse that proceeded it. I am more inclined to listen to those chirpy songs and Impulse is steadily becoming one of my most played tracks in recent weeks. I got a little bit excited when I found Kate Yeager – this kind of find makes what we do worthwhile.

I really hope that these releases get the listening numbers they deserve, This girl has the talent. We are keeping tabs! This could be the start of a very exciting journey.


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