Gold Panda – Transactional Relationship

Ah yes! A feeling of pure joy just hit as I opened up my Spotify account this evening. A new song from Gold Panda stares at me from the Release Radar. I have been waiting patiently for new solo works since 2016 – Panda is by far my favourite electronic producer ever. His glitchy style just always hits the mark. I’m delighted to share his new single ‘Transactional Relationship’ here on Sniffer. Sharing my favourite acts is why I built this site in the first place.

This single brings a little grin to my face, those subtle little vocal glitches used here are of such high quality. Throw in a slick deep ‘Panda bass and a few oriental strings and we are blessed with yet another timeless shoegaze release from Chelmsford’s finest. I remember braving my first gig on my own about 5 years ago in London. I scuttled down to The Dome, Tuffnal Park, the journey was two hours from home but so worth it. Panda rocked out Marriage, Same Dream China and In My Car. I was made – the night was nearly ruined by a small clim of a Londoner asking me to move out of his way (I was blocking his view) at an all standing DJ set. The price you pay living in London sometimes eh. No uppity remarks would dampen the night of heavy bass, trippy electronics and experimental soundscapes.

It’s always a good day when a new Gold Panda track comes out. A very welcome little surprise. Check it out below – the man is a wizard.

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