Axel Mansoor – Paradise

We have shared copius amounts of vibrant LA based musicians in recent times. There must be something in the water over there. Axel Mansoor is out lastest addition with his chirpy pop single Paradise. Sunshine ready, good mood evoking and hella catchy work here from start to finish.

This fella is making tunes in the mold of Jai Paul, without the experimental aspects of course. The track opens with a dreamly uplifting ‘ba-da-bap’ jingle and continues in a rich feel-good vein. Paradise has those Paul-esque synth elements, albeit more toned down and safe sounding.

Mansoor has become a somewhat acclaimed artist in recent times with his work on ABC’s General Hospital, getting a much deserved Emmy Nomination in the Daytime Drama category. Such praise is only stumped on mecurial talents, Mansoor is definitely one of them.

Check out the classy Paradise below. It’s fitting for a sunshine filled day in the sun. Get on it.

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