PizzaGirl – Ball’s Gonna Keep On Rollin’

Jesus Christ, I have just been teleported back in time here. Pizzagirl has hit the nail on the head here with the absolute throwback belter Ball’s gonna keep on rollin’. In a land of endless submissions littering our inbox – we are treated to an absolute anthem. I do not say this lightly, but I think this is my favourite track found since starting Sniffer back in January 2018. It’s just so 80’s, unbelievablely 80’s.

I reckon if this was released back in the day Pizzagirl would be a certified shoe-in at the John Peel stage at Glastonbury year in year out. It has everything a good disco track should have. Catchy hooks aplenty, those thundering percussion slaps and a real danceable vibe. You would have to be a total phsyco not to bust a move out to this one.

Hailing from Liverpool, this fella is definitely one to watch. We need more music like this. Bring back the oldschool happy-go-lucky sounds – lets get rid of Trap hi hats once and for all.

Debut album ‘First Timer’ out October 11.

Catch him headlining The Shacklewell Arms, London on November 26th.

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