The John Johns – Outlaw

High octane, fast paced, rock and roll from Swedish duo, The John Johns. Outlaw is a groove that could easily fit into the Django Unchained movie soundtrack. These boys are releasing their stuff completely independently since 2018 – they get our seal of approval straight away.

The duo take their influence from music from the 60’s rock ‘n’ roll era to more contemporary matierial. Their latest track Everybody Wants My Baby is a real dime – sounding like a cross between The Back Keys and Irish punk outfit The Minutes. These two have got the sound of a band who have been at it for years. Pure gold.

The track we have singled out for this little write-up is the wholly impressive Outlaw. What strikes a chord on this track is the sheer intensity of it. The lads do not hang around with dreary intro’s or off-pace breakdowns. This track has one pace from the outset, which is a high-paced rumble that just gets me moving around uncontrollably. Pure beast of a thing – well done lads.

This deserves a vast amount more than the paltry 6k streams recieved.

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