KaiL Baxley // Beneath The Bones

My Sunday morning pick comes from LA based songwriter KaiL Baxley. This is simply stunning, a tune straight out of an epic movie soundtrack from the future. This song has just surfaced in the last few hours and I must have listened about thirty times already. This is probably the best Sunday morning track of... Continue Reading →

Phil Simmonds // Homesick

The day has come, Phil Simmonds has finally released his new single Homesick and we have been bouncing around to it for weeks. We first got our hands on a teaser of this about a month ago and it has been on a consistent loop here since. Simmonds is not only a songwriter, he is... Continue Reading →

Axel Mansoor – Paradise

We have shared copius amounts of vibrant LA based musicians in recent times. There must be something in the water over there. Axel Mansoor is out lastest addition with his chirpy pop single Paradise. Sunshine ready, good mood evoking and hella catchy work here from start to finish. This fella is making tunes in the... Continue Reading →

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