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The day has come, Phil Simmonds has finally released his new single Homesick and we have been bouncing around to it for weeks. We first got our hands on a teaser of this about a month ago and it has been on a consistent loop here since. Simmonds is not only a songwriter, he is a highly respected producer, session musician and musical director. He started out his career touring with the likes of Jessie J, Rae Morris and Leona Lewis. He is a man in demand at the moment.

After his touring days in his late teens/early twenties, Simmonds began guiding and advising others when he became a lecturer in BIMM before moving to the US in 2016. Since moving to LA he has focused his attention more to the production side of things. Thus far, he has produced for TriOrca, Stan Taylor and Bastian with albums from Clare Maguire & Little Dune on the way. It’s safe to say, Phil Simmonds is a busy man on the music scene over there. How he has made time to produce his new single is beyond me. Homesick is an absolute gem of a thing, it’s one of our favourites in recent weeks.


The track has been released today on all major platforms and ticks all the right boxes in terms of uniqueness! There is nothing outdated about this single, Simmonds experiments on the vocals throughout, with those little chipmunk style noises, vocal distortions aplenty and a modern Bon Iver inspired high-pitched chorus. The song opens with subtle guitar notes, synth ripples and a cracking bass-line knitting it all together. His production skills here are second to none.

This single is a stylistic change from his previous solo compositions. Homesick is a very chirpy and fun electronically based number. His previous five singles have been a lot more folk-y and ambient (also epic btw). This new direction is certainly a brave leap forward in my opinion. There is something really new and fresh about Homesick, it caught my ear straight away!

Check out the single below! We have been hyping it up, I hope you all enjoy it too πŸ™‚

PS – Check out his three Saint Arc releases — Wow!

Artwork by Julia Smith

Phil Simmonds:

Julia Smith:

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