Sniffer’s Brand New Midweek Music Picks

Here we have selected our top five picks from the trailing week on The Sound Sniffer. It has been a fruitful week so far with so many class tracks coming through the door.

This week we feature music from American LoFi band Wwoman, Norwegian Neo-seol act Jimmy Smash, hauntingly beautiful new music from Manchester’s Caoilfhionn Rose, Bedroom Indie from Kate Brunotts and a steller indie electronic offical video from UK based producer Narcsus Prye.

Wwoman – Chuchi

An artist hailing from Florida with a hugely peculiar back-story. Rumour has it that singer G Smee moved into a crack house and lived there for five years, ran a marathon with absolutely no training done and sold all of his life assets to buy mountains of music making equipment – without a clue how it worked.

The story surrounding the origin of this indie pop group is certainly unique. The music this guy has gone on to make is absolutely top drawer to be honest. Upon hearing Chuchi for the first time, we just instantly knew we had un-earthed another diamond.  Check this out – a wild yet, classy operator. The blogs are going mad for this.

Jimmy Smash –  Feel For You

Jimmy Smash is a Norwegian duo consisting of Mikkel Graham Guttormson and Håvard Lyngstad. These two 24-year-olds are creating some nice pop tunes. Feel for you is their latest offering and it is a chirpy and uplifting one at that. Their rhythmic and melodic vibe make it a very easy listen. Definitely an act worth throwing an ear at.

Caoilfhionn Rose – Being Human

We stop in Manchester to bring you a really impressive new single from Caoilfionn Rose. This track is the pick of the bunch this week. She has hit the nail on the head here with this hauntingly plesant single Being Human.

Being Human is an original and beautiful composition which perfectly showcases Caoilfhionn’s purity of voice. This is a song taken from her upcoming debut album and I think we will be hearing a lot more from her soon.

Kate Brunotts – Bicycle Spokes

North Virginia is where Kate Brunotts is from and New York is where she plies her trade, churning out tunes from her bedroom. Bicycle Spokes is a very charming little song, we will just drop it here.

Narcsus Prye – I’m Lost

The official video for Narcsus Prye‘s new single I’m Lost has just been released today. These are some nice audio visuals accompany this really mellow production from the UK based producer. We hear some lovely relaxing vocals from Amy Spencer.
He played a pretty slick gig down at The Queen of Hoxton. I hope to catch him soon.

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