County Line Runner – Cold Dawn

The sun is splitting the skies today in London, I am sitting in my garden, a cold brew sitting beside me on the table. Things are looking good. I stick on my speakers and lash on County Line Runner in the background. Could there be a better song to accompany the impending sunburn today? I doubt it.

Adam Day is the brainchild behind this fantastic musical alias. The emotive and honest nature of his songs give him a real edge over other artists these days. His story hasn’t all been roses and success, he has gone through his own emotional turmoil in recent years since the birth of his first child. The thoughts of supporting his family and getting a ‘real’ job have pushed him into some tough times. This has elevated his music to new levels. If the secret to making music is to pen yourself in a one bedroom apartment than Day has perfected the idea. His music is absolutely stunning. Who needs a ‘proper job’ when you have talent like this. ‘Cold Dawn’ is an absolute beast of a track.

I thought I was destined for family life at that time, but I ended up living on my own away from my son,” he sighs. “I had to do something, otherwise I was going to lose my mind missing him every night. So, I started writing.”

His friend told him to focus on his writing, he has, now he has just signed for Alex Da Kid’s KIDinaKORNER record label and his latest single ‘Cold Dawn’ is one of my favorites this year. Not every journey is easy obviously but when you possess as much talent as Adam Day, you will always find your way.

New Single ‘Cold Dawn’ Out Now

Check out the fantastic ‘Cold Dawn’ below. I adore this one. County Line Runner is a gem of an artist. 

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