Sniffer’s Midweek Picks: Electronic

This week we have some real golden stuff for you. We have received some gems of submissions of the electronic variety midweek. These five electronic picks have kept us bouncing around all week as we prepare for a nice weekend ahead.

We have tracks from:

Croatian producer Lun Moonatik

British Down-Tempo merchant BoogaTronic

Another British based deep and dark producer Cyyxc

Spanish sampler HelloImSoBluesy

Our pick of the week goes to a bit of old school house from Fred Again..

Lun Moonatik – Formulate

Lun Moonatik electronic picks

This is a belter of a progressive acid burner. Slow and steady sometimes wins the race. This is the case for Lun Moonatik as he shines bright with the production of Formulate.

The song steadily increases it’s acidic emissions as it progresses until we are completely drawn in by the repetitive allure of the kick drum. Close the eyes, take it in, let the trance begin and embrace it. I am mesmerized by this one. Slow BPM done with high impact. Thank you Lun.

BoogaTronic – Impossible

Boogatronic electronic picks

A little bit of sample wizardry here from UK producer BoogaTronic. He has the most simplistic social presence online but the tunes are super, Yet another rolling acid infused slow tempo treat here. Impossible is a really cool effort and it even has a sample of ‘Impossible Dream‘ at the forefront.

I can just imagine sitting by the poolside listening to the underbass rippling away as I sip on a scotch. Classy music, classy production.

Fred Again.. – Julie (Stay)

fred again.. electronic picks

Our pick of the week comes from Fred Again.. and his remarkably slick re-fix of Julie Adenuga singing in her car. I mean, what is this sorcery. This is high octane festival movie trailer type sh*t. Raw vocals, brooding beats, throwback classic already. I’m not going to drag on about it anymore, but damn it’s a MUST LISTEN. Hopefully we can get the man himself to spin it for us at a sniffer showcase here in London before long!

CYXXC – Taken

cyyxc electronic picks

Dark, so dark! Cyyxc bringing us to his dark place with his new single Taken. This is a track to be taken in along with the trippy visuals that accompany it. Solid work from word go here. Mood music.

Sometimes the heavy stuff is on the menu.

Helloimsobluesy – Madrid


Spanish artist Helloimsobluesy dons a pretty average stage name in my opinion but his music shines through for sure. Madrid is a really cool track which fuses jazzy piano melodies with rugged electronic melodies to create a Kiasmos flavored end product.

I love melodic vibes, this fella has these tones in abundance. Lovely track this.

I hope you liked this week’s electronic picks.

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