Vibe World Order – Lez Is Runnin’

This music here is half mad you know. Vibe World Order have just released a playful and cracked single called ‘Lez Is Runnin’ and we are all over it. Usually trap hi hats are an instant turn off for me but the sheer unique nature of this track shines through. I don’t know how to categorize this one and I think that is a good thing.

Lez Is Runnin’ opens with a chipmunk style vocal that, strangely, works brilliantly when the harmonies come in with it. I really like the peculiar sounds these guys are creating. I normally run a mile from Hip-Hop but this one has caught hold. Bass aplenty, trippy beats and pretty cool vocals. This is worth a gander.

Get the headphones in an have a little bop to the Vibe World Order. Why not?

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