David Keenan // Altar Wine

David Keenan Altar Wine

David Keenan – Altar Wine.

Dundalk native David Keenan is undoubtedly one of my favourite Irish artists in recent times. His pure & strong County Louth accent is a thing of beauty and this ruggedness sets him apart from other songwriters as a result. This week he has released a polished rework of the delicately pensive single Altar wine and we absolutely love it.

I remember back in March we had the pleasure of seeing Keenan perform over here in London @ The Islington. It was a tiny room behind a curtain, the London Shhh-rs were out in full flow and I was totally out of my head on altar wine myself. Keenan is a performer who is rarely forgotten after you catch him play. He has a wicked sense of humor, an intelligently creative vocabulary and the stage presence of a seasoned veteran. That night is blurry as I made a bit of a eejet of myself. One thing I will always remember from that night is that David Keenan is the real deal. He is a wordsmith and to this day I have never heard anyone mutter a lyric as brilliant as ”She has a face like a painters radio”, to a mundane & reserved London crowd. Genius.

Altar Wine

Altar Wine is by far my favourite track from Keenan thus far and I excitedly clicked on the new version earlier today. This rework is a lot faster than the original recording – the shift in tempo perhaps suits the manic subject matter better. It culminates in Keenan shrieking loudly in despair at the very end amidst a crescendo of noise. This man has mastered the persona of a wild poet and his music lays his inner mystery out for all to enjoy.

Check out the reworking of David Keenan – Altar Wine below. Top drawer as always sir.



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