Oswestry Native SAM JOHNSON is a Star


Sam Johnson has just released his debut EP titled ‘Eastcote’ over the weekend. His latest single ‘Lost in The Mail’ didn’t get lost in the mail and landed on our lap a couple of days ago. My word, what a tune this is. Johnson grew up in Oswestry on the Welsh border. He has been writing music since he was a young lad. This single is the absolute nuts.

The song starts of with a crescendo of la la la’s, I wasn’t sure what to expect initially as I scrolled through my everlasting list of submissions. As soon as I heard Johnson’s voice in the opening verse, I was absolutely sold. His voice is unique and powerful and just what the doctor ordered. I’ve been really excited to sit down and give this track a few more intent listens and script out this write up. It’s such a shame the tune wasn’t released before our Sniffer Session on Thursday. It would have been the perfect tune for the intervals.

Look, I’m not going to ramble on more, I am detracting for the impact of the song itself and it doesn’t need too much of an introduction.


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